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Windows for a perfect home

Why do without our style in the home? Nowadays, the windows of a home can be another element to express the personality of the owners: shapes, colours and materials cross barriers without losing an iota of functionality or quality. Both the frames and the glass used have evolved considerably. Thus, it is possible to install round, triangular or custom-shaped windows of different sizes, as well as to choose a frame from a wide range of woods or metallic finishes.

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In addition to aesthetics, a window with high-quality thermal insulation can save up to 76% energy compared to conventional windows. The secret: a fibre-reinforced composite material in combination with triple insulating glazing that makes it possible to dispense with metal reinforcement in 90% of cases, thus avoiding counterproductive thermal bridges.

With regard to dimensions, with the lift-and-slide or folding sliding door systems it will be possible to save space if we wish to install large windows and we will gain luminosity and spaciousness, generating an unparalleled feeling of well-being and relaxation. In relation to this, thanks to the triple glazing and the airtightness of the product, it is possible to reduce noise pollution by up to 24 times.

Another aspect to note, given how important it is for everyone to protect their most precious possessions, the anti-theft protection that can be built into these windows can ensure that it takes up to five minutes to force them with a crowbar, thus deterring burglars or, at the very least, providing a few extra minutes of valuable security.

In the same vein, installing glass walls or ceilings on the terrace or porch will expand the space available in the home for relaxing in comfort or for carrying out other tasks. In addition to different designs and combinations with other materials, there is sliding glass for both walls and ceilings that allow you to give the space the desired look at all times.

These enclosures provide protection from the sun and maintain a stable indoor temperature, offer protection from noise pollution, are easily adaptable to the decoration of the home and increase the size of the house, transforming the feeling of space, save on electricity bills and are quick and easy to install, among other things.

Cristalleries Valira is the oldest glassworks in Andorra. Specifically, the company has been offering its services for more than 30 years and, throughout these three decades, they have managed to overcome the challenges that have been presented to them and have been able to establish a professional, efficient style of work, adapted to each client. Today, with the second generation at the helm, they are committed to implementing new market concepts and new product-related trends, while safeguarding the way of working that has allowed them to be successful for so long. All their products come from the best manufacturers and they carry out glazing, door installations, railings, staircases and windows or commercial installations, among other things. As for the materials they use, they have monolithic glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, PCV or aluminium windows, decorated glass, etc.

Avenida Salou, Magatzems Cervós, 21, Andorra la Vella, AD500

Tel: +376 724 978

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