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A Christmas where everything fits

Finding the ideal gift is not an easy task. There are many people who, every Christmas, ask themselves the same question regarding what to give their loved ones: How do I find the perfect gift? We all want to surprise family and friends, draw a smile on their faces and convey the illusion that having them around generates us, so one option to consider is to give mind-power as a gift. Not only that, but also creativity, coordination, visual memory... or what is the same: Puzzles.

And, certainly, nowadays there is a type of puzzle for each person and they can all be found in Puzzle Locura. The Eurographics brand is an example in terms of creative proposals. Among its catalog, we can find puzzles, which come inside a tin box in the shape of an emblematic vehicle or a camera. They have also created an advent calendar with 24 puzzles of 50 pieces, an original and fun proposal.

Along the same lines, SD Toys, which has a large catalog related to the series and movies, has 500-piece puzzles with packaging that emulates the legendary VHS tapes. Another proposal that catches the attention is the one of Pieces & Peace. In this case, the leading role is taken by the designs of the puzzles in question: very striking both for their colors and for type of drawing. In fact, they resemble an oil painting on canvas.

Ravensburger goes a little further with its 3-dimensional puzzles. The Big Ben, the Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, high-end cars, the Disney castle or even Harry Potter's night bus are some of the possibilities to decorate a home after finishing the puzzle. Active Puzzles also has an interesting format: on top of having impressive designs, the pieces of its products are made with high-quality, natural and ecological wood.

There are alternatives for the little ones. Educa's range of baby puzzles, for example, is aimed at babies older than 24 months. The puzzles are 2-3 pieces and the pieces are larger, thicker and easier to manipulate. On another hand, Clementoni has models of 20 or 30 pieces for those over 3 years old, 48 pieces for those over 4 years old or 104 pieces for those over 6 years old.

Making puzzles provides a good number of benefits to our health. First of all, it is a mental exercise capable of improving short-term memory, mental speed and the ability to capture small details. It also improves the ability to solve problems and, as it stimulates concentration, it increases our productivity. On top of that, solving a puzzle increases the production of dopamine, which improves the mood. As for the elderly, keeping the brain active can delay dementia and Alzheimer's.

Puzzle Locura, the only store in Andorra specialized in puzzles, has 29 different brands of puzzles and has a stock of more than 2,200 items. The owners have been selling online since 2017 and since 2019 they have a physical location. Among its products there is an extraordinary variety in terms of themes and number of pieces: Animals, art, still lifes, film and television, sports, landscapes, 3D puzzles and a long list of categories await you on their shelves. If you wish, you can even purchase a 42,000-piece puzzle, but keep in mind that it measures more than 7 meters!

Tel: +376 628 317


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