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A symbol of the Andorran fauna

The chamois is a symbol of the fauna of Andorra. It lives in the high mountains, eats grass and tender buds from the bushes and is characterized by strong legs and hard hooves that allow it to climb through unimaginable places.

It is a very agile animal and has excellent sight, hearing and smell. On top of that, it has two small, thin horns and a short tail. If the chamois is comfortable in its habitat, it usually has one calf and (very rarely), two. The breeding season is usually between May and early June. A chamois is considered to be an adult when he or she is over two and a half years old.

It is a difficult animal to see, especially in summer, which is when it climbs to the highest peaks. In winter, on the other hand, it usually goes down to the woods in search of food, that’s when we can get lucky and see some specimens.

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