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Ramilo Construccions, advantages of decorating walls with stone

There are many advantages that we get by choosing to install stone walls in our homes. In fact, this material has been used in construction throughout history given its excellent qualities, but now it is also used to decorate interiors. Indeed, there are artificial stones, which have a very realistic appearance, are easy to assemble and economic.

On top of being a robust material, very resistant and durable, the stone can provide a rustic, elegant or modern air, depending on the one we choose and with which other materials we combine it. Its color and texture also play an important role, since they will bring more or less warmth to the room, and indeed there is a great variety.

On the other hand, we can affirm that stone is a sustainable material, because thanks to its durability it can be reused even if it has been previously used in older buildings. Another of its features is the facility it offers to keep it in perfect condition and, of course, its ability to insulate the home from heat, cold and noise.

As for natural stone for interiors, marble, slate or sandstone are often used, although synthetic stone, made from ceramic, polyurethane or PVC are more economical and cleaning is even easier. Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, stairs... any environment is valid for the installation and the results are truly amazing.

Ramilo Construccions is a family business in the Principality of Andorra, backed by more than 30 years of experience, offering natural stone sale and laying services. In their facilities they have a show room with more than 90 samples in real size of a wide range of natural stone and the corresponding placement, so that the customer can appreciate first-hand the quality of the materials they use and choose the one that best fits their project.

Tel: +376 723 937 / +376 322 343 / +376 358 707


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