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Basar Valira

Basar Valira has five stores dedicated to the world of collecting and toys. It is one of the most recognized establishments in Andorra to buy this type of items, as they have an extensive inventory.


Shop specializing in miniature trains. Among the more than 50 models available, you can find from steam locomotives, belonging to the nineteenth century, to models that were a real revolution during the twentieth century. A notable example is the replicas of classic Renfe trains, as well as those of other railway systems around the world. The establishment, located a few meters from Carlemany Avenue, works with the first brands in the sector: Herpa, Ixo, Norev, Marklin... etc.

+376 800 675


The store has the latest news from all product lines: characters, landscapes and vehicles, among other categories. They also have the Duplo line, which stands out for having larger pieces to prevent the smaller ones from swallowing them. The most demanded items are related to Lego City, Lego Friends and those that are related to movie sagas or video games, such as Harry Potter or Minecraft, for example.

+376 727 808


If you like the games and figures of Playmobil, the establishment of Basar Valira will excite you. They have a wide variety of dolls and models, among which are items from Star Trek, 007, Scooby-Doo, Back to the Future, Super 4, car brands such as Volskwagen or Porsche, etc. In addition, they have products from Nickquelodeon and other brands of toys.

+376 829 387


In the inventory of this local have a wide range of miniature replicas of collector cars, as well as models or radio control items. Classic cars from iconic brands, such as Mercedes, and also racing cars predominate. In addition, they have models for Scalextric and other types of vehicles, such as boats, aircraft, helicopters, caravans, vans, trucks, buses, tractors and motorcycles, among others.

+376 829 387


The Basar Valira Joguines has a large catalog of toys for all tastes and ages, from items intended for babies to those that are more focused on teenagers or even adults. On their shelves you can find individual hobbies, for groups, focused on sport or developing intelligence, etc. Some of their most demanded items are the Playmobil, Dolls and stuffed animals related to Disney or other famous characters or the puzzles of Ravensburger.

+376 829 387


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