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Building a sustainable future

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Approximately 90% of Andorra is pure nature and part of it is considered a world heritage site in the cultural landscape category. Therefore, the Principality's citizens and local businesses must strive to preserve the environment so that future generations can inherit the richness of its ecosystem.

Of the 100,000 tons of waste produced annually, 50% is recycled, which puts us well above the European average of 30%, but there is still room for improvement so that no recoverable material is wasted.

To facilitate this task, Grup REFESA is in charge of waste recycling and works with local and foreign actors to promote the circular economy in the country. One of the sectors in which it specializes is the management of construction site waste, a key area in the recycling of materials. The efficiency of its collection and transport service is based on the optimization of each journey and logistics management to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint. The service is adjusted according to each type of waste to be managed, always adapting to the needs of each individual client, self-employed, company or institution.

Construction is the sector that produces the largest volume of waste in the Principality according to AGREDA (Association of Waste Managers of Andorra). It is therefore essential to recycle them in order to reduce the carbon footprint of this activity and to be able to preserve the characteristic nature of the country.

What can be recycled on a construction site?

Materials such as rubble and demolition waste, wood, glass, iron or plastics can be reused and enjoy a new life if they are treated in the right way. When recycled, these materials can be used to create new constructions and products, which means less waste of materials and greater efficiency in the use of resources. In addition, recycling construction waste prevents air and water pollution.

Grup REFESA has big bags and has different sizes of containers from 1.5 m3 to 11 m3 and 30 m3 for the management of different construction waste and bulky waste.

Recycling is also synonymous with saving money

In addition, reusing construction waste is also a very relevant way to save energy and money, as the materials do not have to be purchased and produced from scratch.

If not recycled, these materials end up in landfills, a major source of pollution that continues to increase day by day.

Recycling these materials is a relatively simple way to contribute to the preservation of the country's ecosystem, in addition to promoting the circular economy and new consumption habits.

Grup REFESA is registered in the RERA (Registro de Empresas con Riesgo de Amianto) and is authorized to transport, store and export waste containing asbestos fibers. They have the material and the specialized human team with the mandatory official training to provide maximum quality guarantees to the customer.

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With 100% local capital, Grup REFESA is formed by two leading companies in waste management and circular economy: LSR (Logística i Serveis del Reciclatge) and REFESA (Recuperacions Fèrriques). In addition to the management of construction waste, the group has different lines of business: integrated waste management, WEEE treatment, reuse of metals, dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, hazardous waste and second-hand spare parts. The company is making a significant commitment to the recycling of WEEE, and is currently the only company in the country authorized to treat this type of waste. It dismantles and decontaminates them so that the different components can be reused, thus contributing to the circular economy and giving them a new life. The group is made up of a qualified team with years of experience in the sector, personnel with ADR hazardous materials licenses for the transport of waste and, in addition, specific continuous training in occupational hazards, fire prevention and extinguishing and safety advisor.

Tel: +376 844 133

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