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Casa Canut

More than 40 years of experience in the world of decoration, interior design, gift and kitchenware. Casa Canut combines tradition and modernity through a wide range of renowned brands and avant-garde objects that bring top quality and originality to any space. The store works with works by Tom's Drag, Romero Britto, Guillermo Forchino and many more artists. All their creations respect the criteria of quality and service and they have exclusive models. The main objectives of Casa Canut are: to surprise, to offer variety and, above all, to ensure that there are products for all audiences. We can find everything from sculptures, paintings and countless decorative objects to basic products such as plates, cups and cutlery. The stock of the store has no limits, and if you want to give a special touch to your space and make it different, Casa Canut is the best option. The company also collaborates with emerging and local artists and displays their works in the store. On top of that, it participates in different promotional activities, such as the FADA event. For the first time, Casa Canut will take part this year in the competition organized by Vivand and will host the creations of M31Estudi. You can consult all the products of Casa Canut through its website ( or by visiting the store, located at Avinguda Carlemany no. 107.


Avinguda Carlemany núm. 107

T. +376 827 867


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