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Casamanya's Peak, in the heights of Andorra

Located between the parishes of Ordino and Canillo, the Casamanya's peak has a privileged location, as it is located on the country's middle. Despite its average difficulty, it is one of the country's most frequented routes because of the magnificent views that can be seen from the top, at 2,740 meters high. For those less used to hiking, the path's ascension can be completed in about two hours and the return is done by the same trail.

You can't miss the path: the starting point is at the Ordino hill and goes into the Airola forest until you reach the Collado de las Vacas.Then, it continues towards the head of the Astarell and goes on until you reach the Llosers of Naudí. On this area we can already see from a certain altitude the majestic environment that we have around.


The peak is already close, but you still have to overcome a slope of about 400 meters. During the last few minutes, you can see the characteristic pile of stones that crowns the Casamanya and it turns out to be inevitable to look around from time to time to contemplate the landscape. From above you can see the Estanyó's, Serrera's, Carroi's and Comapedrosa's peaks among others.

The total slope of the trail is 750 meters and the signs are three horizontal yellow circles. Despite its steep slopes, it is not a very long route, as it has a distance of around 3.75 kilometers. The coordinates to the beggining of the route are 42°33'22.0"N 1°34'18.1"E.


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