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Gosswim was born with the desire to help animals with hydrotherapy. In fact, water is a good ally to activate the emotional bond of your pet and helps motivate it and strengthen its attitude. Though hydrotherapy sessions, your dog will experience new sensations and have very positive results! On top of that, your pet's physical condition will increase dramatically as you combine exercise and playing. It is recommended to practice hydrotherapy in cases of fear of water, overweight, joint problems, generalized osteoarthritis, postoperative, hyperactivity, anxiety or simply for fun!

Gosswim offers individual or two-by-two sessions. It also has the FUN & FITNESS package, which integrates 8 sessions and is perfect for combining water exercise with land work. And if you don't want to get inside the water, there's the GOSSWIM package. On top of that, if you have problems bringing your dog, the institution can pick-up your pet directly at your home. It also has a washing and drying service with a bath case that includes: shampoo, a towel and a brush. The Gosswim facilities are designed for the pets and are located in a quiet environment surrounded by natural landscape, without cars and with an enclosed outdoor field so the dogs can run before or after the sessions.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

One of the healthiest sports that your pet can practice is swimming, as water manages to stimulate and relax the whole body, benefiting in a very positive way the different systems, metabolism and heart.

The muscular system is one of the most benefited. Inside the water, the resistance up to 15 to 20 times bigger than it is on land, so the muscles are used without stress due to body weight. This is why water helps to build healthy muscles and fight spasms and edema.

Hydrotherapy also calms the nervous system and reduces stress, stimulates the joints and restores the sensory channels. As for the endocrine system, it increases metabolic functions and causes hormones to be processed throughout the body. And talking about the circulatory system, hot water (at about 28 ° C) increases the body temperature causing the blood vessels to dilate and eliminate toxins, also distributing nutrients and oxygen. Another system that benefits is the lymphatic system. Hydrotherapy increases lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. On top of that, it helps burn fat. Water also helps the respiratory and digestive systems, as it increases the lung capacity and activates the digestive soft muscles providing nutrients to the cells. Finally, water benefits the urinary and skeletal systems. Indeed, it increases the blood supply to the kidneys and helps the release of toxins. It also makes all the bones more mobile and increases the joint arch.


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