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If Rent - We Camper

If Rent is one of the leading companies in car rental. It has agreements with international operators and its structure favors the proximity and direct contact with the customer. The company has the latest vehicle models of more than 10 brands and its stock is widely varied. The company offers two-seater, electric, 4x4, luxury, convertible, van and multi-passenger transport. The entity also rents different types of motorhomes under the company name We Camper. All If Rent vehicles undergo regular inspections and are washed with environmentally friendly products. On top of that, the facilities are adapted to each moment of year. In winter, for instance, the company ensures that all its vehicles have wheels in accordance with the weather. During the rental, the company offers a 24-hour customer service and roadside assistance. Reservations can be made through its website or directly at the office located at Avinguda Carlemany no. 70, on the ground floor of la illa Carlemany. There is also the possibility of delivering and picking up vehicles at the hotel where the guest is staying. To be able to rent a vehicle, you must be over 21 years old and have had a driving license for at least 2 years.


Av. Carlemany núm. 70

T. +376 866 067


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