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Juclar's pond, a path full of surprises

The path begins in the Incles Valley. First, we find an open valley, with pastures and Andorran railings made of stone walls and slate roofs. We can observe green landscapes crowned by high mountains and surrounded by walls of dry stones. An abundant fauna and flora accompanies us to the bottom of the valley, where the itinerary passes by a forest track that follows the bed of the Incles river, transforming this first stage in a getaway for all audiences.

Picnic areas allow a short break before starting the second part of the itinerary, which has a steeper road. Going up, we’ll cross the river again over small wooden bridges. We will find panoramic views and authentic natural works of art that will become the protagonists of many photographs. We will arrive at the first lake, where we will be lucky to meet the newt of the Pyrenees. Continuing, we arrive at the refuge. And a little further on, we proudly discover clear waters that reflect the sky and the mountain of the area; we are in the Juclar Lake.

A color display throughout the year

The nature of the Incles Valley offers a colour display throughout the year. In spring a variety of flowers reappear and dress the floors with colors and give off incredible smells. In autumn, the mixture of deciduous and conifers stain the mountains with red, orange and yellow. Then comes winter, which is responsible for covering the valley with a large white coat. At this time, the river is partially frozen and creates another attractive landscape that is worth admiring.




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