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La Minjadora del Sinquede, a place for all tastes

La Minjadora del Sinquede is a restaurant specialized in allergens with a wide menu, on which healthy food, products of proximity and respect for the environment predominate.

Its offer includes delicious tapas, salads, meats, fresh pastas, toasts, a multitude of vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options and homemade desserts, so it is the best option to gather everyone around a table regardless of the food diet of each-one.

On top of that, the youngest kids will also have the possibility to choose between different children’s menus.

Moreover, the meat grills and the veal loin of 500 grams are remarkable, two dishes designed for the most demanding customers.

The restaurant is located in Plaça de les Fontetes de La Massana, so it has a large and quiet terrace.

Plaça de les Fontetes, La Massana

Tel: +376 727 377

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