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Leave your car in good hands

Whether you are dissatisfied with the performance of your vehicle, or you need to replace a worn part, Go Services Garage can offer you the solution that best suits your car. The garage specialises in sport and off-road tuning. Always bearing in mind the importance of having quality parts that guarantee the safety of its customers, Go Services works with the best brands on the market: Ohlins, bilstein, Akrapovic, Milltel, Armytrix, etc.

These types of articles incorporate the best materials and the latest technological advances, guaranteeing improved vehicle behaviour and an unrivalled driving experience. Shock absorbers, suspensions, exhaust pipes, different types of wheels... The workshop is able to carry out any modification thanks to the latest generation machinery that they have installed and the excellent competence of all their workers.

Go Services Garage offers all kinds of services with one goal: to improve your vehicle.

In addition, Go Services Garage carries out integral mechanics: repair of engines, clutches, transmissions, gearboxes, differentials, brakes, etc. In the same line, they repair or replace electronic parts such as alternators, windscreen wipers, windscreen lifts, headlights, heaters... and even reprogram the control units to improve the efficiency and performance of the engine and the car in general.

As for the maintenance service, the workshop can take on any request: changing timing belts and tensioners, fuel pumps, filters, accessory belts, alternator, lubricant, injectors, oils, water, pressure regulators, air conditioning and its tensioners, bearings, ball joints... and much more. In case the customer does not know what is wrong with his car, Go Services Garage carries out a complete breakdown diagnosis to find out what the problem is and solve it in the most efficient way.

The importance of keeping your car in perfect condition:

Owning a vehicle is essential for many citizens, as it provides a great deal of convenience when it comes to getting around. However, it is vitally important to keep it in good condition to ensure both the driver's safety and that of other people. Not everyone knows the mechanics of a car, so it is advisable to be well advised at all times.

That is why Go Service Garage offers support throughout the whole process of repairing or modifying the vehicle, ensuring that the option chosen is the most appropriate, always taking into account the budget of its customers and the use that is usually given to the car in question. All parts suffer wear and tear over time, so extending the life of a car and avoiding unforeseen expenses will always be a good decision.

Tel: +376 808 006


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