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Leonidas Andorra

Leonidas is one of the few stores to awake all your senses. From the outside, your sight will be attracted to the store by the colors and pralines displayed in the store's window. Once inside, the sense of smell is captivated by the smell of Belgian chocolate and all the aromas that carefully wrap each of the products displayed by the store. The next step is having one of the pralines in your hands. Its touch is soft, creamy and delicate. Once the first bite is taken, the ear wakes up to the crunching sound of the first layer of praline breaking. And once on the palate, the sense of taste begins to enjoy a dance of unique flavors and findings.

All Leonidas products are made in Belgium. The secret of its success is the freshness of its chocolates, and indeed unlike other big brands, Leonidas never works with frozen foods. Their praline is always natural and freshly made, so it maintains the intensity of the flavor and aroma of the first days.

The Leonidas Andorra store has more than 100 different types of pralines and they carry the seal of quality awarded by the Crown of Belgium to each of the company's products. The store offers the possibility of making boxes of pralines to taste, choosing which chocolates and flavors you want, and has a space to have a coffee or any other drink in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. On top of that, depending on the different festivities, Leonidas sells special figurines or pralines. Now that Easter is approaching, the place has themed products, such as rabbits or Easter eggs. Leonidas Andorra also organizes custom tastings. They can make them in the store itself or in the companies buildings if they ask for it.

Andorra la Vella

C/ na Maria Pla núm. 11

T. +376 862 838


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