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Pastelería el Cigne

The Pastelería el Cigne is a coffee shop with handmade pastry. Its products are home made and follow the most classic and traditional techniques. The local has everything you might want to take a break or enjoy a good bite, and it offers a wide variety of pastries, coffees, teas, chocolates... ¡ It even has a selection of products for celiacs!

One of the statement products of the local are sandwiches. Its distinctive touch is bread, which is made by pastry professionals and has an incomparable aroma and texture. Its pastries are also very successful, especially cakes, which are made with natural and top quality ingredients.

During the festivities or special days, the local has different products created specifically for each occasion, such as monas for Easter days or heart-shaped cakes and treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The venue is located in San Julià and opens every day, except Sunday afternoons.

Sant Julià de Lòria

Av. Verge Canòlich núm. 58

T. +376 823 863

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