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Pollet Monedes

Collectible coins are the perfect gift. Their unique designs, the particular history of each one of them and their aesthetic and monetary value (which never decays) make them one of the best gifts. At Pollet Monedes you can find a wide range of collectible coins with different prices, sizes and themes. From fantasy worlds, historical moments, animals or characters that have left their mark on hobbies, movie scenes, sports, fictional protagonists and much more. There is no limit! On top of that, one of the main advantages is that these coins are suitable for all ages and tastes, as we can find as many designs and finishes as we can imagine. All coins in the local are accompanied by a personalized case, a certificate of authenticity and a hard plastic wrap that guarantees its durability.

Placeta de la Consòrcia, 3, AD500, Andorra la Vella

Tel: +376 817 800


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