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Products that can make your daily life easier

Comelec is one of those establishments where you can find technological solutions of all kinds and products capable of facilitating tasks related to work and leisure. In the same way, they have a multitude of devices to extend the useful life of those machines that are becoming obsolete more and more quickly. Here are some examples:

Universal chargers

Over time, a laptop charger can break down for various reasons and replacing it can be a difficult problem to solve. Comelec has universal chargers, which incorporate interchangeable tips for computers of different brands. They are also manually adjustable from 12 to 24 volts and there are several models with different wattages. This product is also suitable for powering monitors, printers, cameras and similar devices.

Television stands

A TV stand has many advantages: it saves space by not needing a piece of furniture and gives a cleaner and more sophisticated style to the home, adjust the TV to the desired height and take advantage of the extendable arm to place it at different angles and avoid annoying glare. In addition, there are different types of supports that adapt to any type of television, both wall and ceiling-mounted.

Magnifying glasses for precision work

For building miniatures, for quality control or jewellery repair or for architectural projects. These are just some of the many examples for which these objects are particularly useful. The different magnifiers have adjustable magnification and built-in high-intensity LEDs for improved visibility.

Comelec is a shop specialising in electronic components for professionals and telecommunications. The company is 27 years old in the Andorran market and among its articles you can find industrial electronic parts, adapters to establish electronic connections, batteries, 4K surveillance cameras, timers (to set the time for a light bulb to turn on, for example), satellite dishes, WiFi amplifiers and any type of cable, among many other things. All Comelec employees have excellent specialised training, so they are able to resolve any doubts or technical questions that the customer may have.

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