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Summer trends 2022


Summer is here and, like every year, it's time to get the most colourful clothes out of your wardrobe and enjoy the good weather. However, the dreaded question also arises: what should I wear with this heat? We know that it's not always easy to look good and, at the same time, to dress according to the change of temperature, so here we show you the trends that are arriving with force to fill the shop windows in the coming months.

No matter what season we are in, it is essential to wear clothes that are in accordance with the weather to be always comfortable. On that note, organic and light fabrics will once again be two of the most used fabrics to avoid the heat. Moreover, they are always an excellent option to combine textures and colours with style.


Summer is always the time to see an explosion of colour and the reappearance of fluorescent tones that bring out the tan. This year in particular, neon green seems to be the colour of choice, and it's already in the shops. Whether in dresses, shoes or accessories, this colour is ideal to give originality to any outfit and be the centre of attention.


Another colour that seems to be gaining strength is pink, in all its possible variations. Whether in strong tones such as fuchsia or in pastel shades, the use of this colour in the fashion sector is repeated every year. Combined with feathers or draping, it is a trend-setter on the most important catwalks.


In terms of design, fringes are also making a comeback with renewed vigour. Whether in daytime combinations or evening outfits, they add a fun and festive touch to garments, which are very characteristic of this season.


On the other hand, we must not forget that summer is the perfect time for partying, so metallic tones will also be present in the summer collections. Perfect for their wide variety of combinations in different types of materials, metallic tones are the way to have fun and shine at any party.


Finally, another trend that is going to be seen this summer will be that of transparencies. Lace fabrics or semi-transparent garments encourage the most daring to let their imagination run wild and play with the limits of urban fashion.



Chily Boutique is a fashion and accessories shop where you will find all kinds of items to follow the latest trends. But above all, you will find original garments to show your personality and look better than ever, even in summer: dresses, t-shirts, tops, trousers... and a wide variety of jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

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