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Sweeten your Saint Jonh's day


Summer is here and, with it come, the typical festivities of this time of year. The nights are enlivened by town festivals, fireworks and open-air concerts, but without a doubt, the most magical one is still the celebration of Saint John. This festival commemorates the shortest night of the year with fire, music and, above all, a much-loved pastry: the Saint John’s coca.Every year, thousands of cocas are sold in the principality to celebrate this day, but do you know where this tradition comes from?

The shortest night of the year is celebrated all over Europe with traditional preparations based on seasonal products, but the coca we all know derives from a cake that had eggs on top and referenced the sun because of its shape. In fact, today's Saint John’s coca is also inspired by the specificities of the night on which it is usually eaten, since, according to many confectioners, the length of the dough has to be twice the width, thus representing the daylight hours of that day.

Nowadays, the traditional coca is made from the typical brioche dough decorated with candied fruit, pine nuts and sugar. Ingredients such as angel's hair, cream and truffle are also often used.

However, the most daring pastry chefs create new combinations every year, such as coca filled with mascarpone cheese or ice cream.


The Cigne & Delicious patisserie is a café and artisan patisserie. Its pastries are always made following traditional recipes with high quality products. For Saint John, their star cocas are cream, chocolate and candied fruit. However, they also offer "cocas de cabello de ángel", "chicarrones" or chocolate truffle in four different sizes depending on the number of people.

In the establishment you can find typical seasonal sweets, chocolates or pastries ideal for breakfast or an afternoon snack. They even have a selection of products for coeliacs so that everyone can enjoy a good bite. So, if you are looking for a place to buy a coca to celebrate Saint John this year, don't think twice and visit Cigne & Delicious.

Tel: +376 823 863

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