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The Rooster Road

The Rooster Road is a hiking route suitable for the whole family, with only 280 metres of ascension and with a good number of informative signs to make the route more pleasant. In its entirety, it has a length of about 6 kilometres, so the whole path, although not difficult, does require a time investment of about 4 hours. The path connects the parish of Canillo with the village of Soldeu and is signposted with a red rooster.

The start of the route is next to the entrance to the Canillo cable-car carpark. There you will find a sign with the indications for the route in question. The first part of the route runs along a narrow path that sometimes has a steep slope on one of its sides, which means that you have to proceed with caution. In fact, at several points there are chains to hold on to or small wooden structures to make it easier to cross.

Once you cross the wooden bridge over a small waterfall, the path gradually becomes wider, leaving the slopes behind. Continuing along the same path, we will reach a small wooden Tibetan bridge, which is half an hour from Soldeu (where the route ends). Thanks to its excellent signposting, the Rooster Road is easy to complete, without losing the marked path at any time.


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