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Can Fontcuberta

The restaurant and bar Can Fontcuberta is located in Encamp and stands out by its offer of a home cooking style and a family-like atmosphere. Its dishes are made with local products and are displayed in a daily lunch menu that collects the country's most typical foods, such as trinxat, liver with onion, escudella or different stews with meat. The venue also offers full breakfasts and a wide range of hot and cold sandwiches.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Can Fontcuberta also serves dinners. And as a bar, it offers all kinds of drinks and cocktails. On top of that, it has a large terrace that remains open throughout the year. The place is a perfect occasion to enjoy a vermouth in the open air or to have a good time while contemplating the landscape offered by the parish.

The restaurant is located in the Plaza dels Arinsols, right next to the parish's administration.


Plaça dels Arinsols

T. +376 834 393

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