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Eating fast, varied and with quality products

Eating quickly, tasty and cheaply is what many people are looking for during the free time they have during their working day. If you also add variety and a wide range to choose from, it is the ideal option. Tastic, located on Avinguda Doctor Vilanova, just a few metres from the Govern's administrative building, is one of those places. Its menu includes pizzas, hamburgers, burritos, empanadas and other side dishes, as well as pre-made pasta dishes, among others. They also have a cafeteria and a selection of varied products for breakfast or a snack.

As for its pizzas, Tastic offers homemade pizzas with different ingredients, including vegetarian, spicy and even sweet options. Another option for the most demanding palates is to customise the pizza to your taste by choosing from a range of more than 25 ingredients. As for the dough, it is made every day on the premises and all the products used to season the dishes are of the highest quality. Even better, the prices are very reasonable, whether you plan to eat alone or with friends or family.

As mentioned above, the place also makes beef, chicken or vegetable burritos, several types of hamburgers and more than ten different types of empanadas. Along the same lines, it also offers pasta prepared in different ways, as well as salads and other pre-made dishes. Finally, the establishment has croissants, biscuits, doughnuts, muffins, sandwiches, slices of cake, churros and bowls of fruit, among other things, to enjoy a bite to eat at any time of the day.

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of urban life, day-to-day life forces many citizens to make their meals quick or take-away due to lack of time. The problem arises when they are looking for a place to eat in a healthy way that suits their needs without having to pay a high price. It is in the face of this dilemma that places like Tastic are gaining popularity. They break the myth that all food that is quickly prepared at an affordable price implies unhealthy eating by offering variety, healthy options and higher calorie dishes made with quality products.

Tel: +376 845 578

Carrer Dr. Vilanova, 13, AD500 Andorra la Vella

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