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Ifoc, design chimneys and personalised service in Andorra

Chimneys have always functioned as a meeting point for mankind, with fire as the central element to provide warmth.

This utility has kept them as an indispensable resource since their beginnings in the mid-12th century, as we know them today, although it was not until the Renaissance that they began to be considered as a decorative element.

With the passing of time and thanks to the implementation of new technologies, fireplaces have evolved and with them the different types of combustion, from wood and gas to biofuels and electricity.

In a high mountainous country like Andorra, where low temperatures occupy a considerable part of the year, having a fireplace installation is a necessity that can sometimes be a real challenge if certain details are not taken into account.

It is in this environment of harsh climates that Ifoc was born, a company specialising in the sale and installation of fireplaces that also offers a personalised technical service.

Ifoc is located in the heart of Escaldes-Engordany, just a few metres from Avinguda Meritxell and close to the main shopping areas of Andorra la Vella.

In their complete showroom we can find a wide variety of fireplaces with different styles, configurations and types of combustion.

They have an important catalogue of well-known brands that differ from each other by a specific type of installation and characteristics.


Among the most renowned brands are Focus, with avant-garde designs and more modern aesthetics

Piazetta, with a more traditional style that includes pellet combustion and allows you to program the ignition

Ifire as an alternative to gas

Planika with Bioethanol.

Another alternative that can also be found at Ifoc is the Fabel brand. This is an option for those who want a fireplace installation for decoration purposes only, as it does not provide a real fire.

Although Ifoc has outstanding sales assistance, it is in the technical service and cleaning of fireplaces where they make the difference thanks to their team of qualified professionals.


In this way, they provide comprehensive coverage to the user, starting with the purchase of the product and continuing with maintenance.

It should be noted that Ifoc includes a one-year guarantee service with each of its installations, which provides security and peace of mind to its customers.


With more than 20 years of experience in the Andorran market and an extensive number of successful installations, Ifoc remains one of the leaders in the sector. Whether you need to decorate or optimise the heating of your home, at Ifoc you will find a quality alternative with the best advice.

+376 863 220 / +376 620 661


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