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Unnic, the new casino in Andorra

Unnic opened its doors on March 4 and with it the Principality expanded its entertainment offer, both at night and during the day. It is one of the most attractive places in Andorra if we talk about leisure. Indeed, in the casino Unnic you can enjoy amazing shows, delight your palate in one of its 4 restaurants or be surprised by its extensive entertainment offer in 6 floors. It is located in the nerve center of Andorra la Vella, a few meters from the seat of the Andorran Government and its historic center.

Unnic is an imposing building with a modern arquitecture that leaves no one indifferent. Its architect, Pere Espuga, is also the genius behind buildings such as the headquarters of the Consell General or the Principality's Justice Department. In this project, he has collaborated with the architect Manuel Clavel, recognized worldwide for works such as Odysseus or the Miami Museum Garage.

Therefore, the project is inspired by the characteristics of the architecture of the Principality and integrates them, always bearing in mind that it is a project with international ambition and therefore also proposes innovative elements. However, this project does not intend to compete with the current attractions of the country, but is presented as a complementary attraction for tourists with different tastes and above all that do not depend on seasonal tourism to visit Andorra.

The history of casinos

Gambling and betting are practically as old as mankind itself. Indeed, games of chance have been documented in ancient Greece and gambling was a regular occurrence in ancient China. However, the first casino as we know it today was born in Venice in 1638, as a complement to the carnivals. The Casino di Venezia, which still stands today, initiated the culture that is so associated with this type of establishment: class, elegant clothes and card games. Even the name casino has Italian origins, as it means small house in their native tongue.

Although if we talk about casinos, one of the places that cannot be omitted is the great casino of Monte Carlo in Monaco. This establishment opened its doors in 1856 under the authorization of Prince Charles III and has become today one of the mythical places for gambling enthusiasts. Another obligatory stop in the world of casinos is the city of Las Vegas where casinos and gambling occupy a central part of the architectural organization.

This new attraction in the Principality has been long awaited for several years, but it has finally opened its doors to diversify the leisure offer in the country. Therefore, it is presented as a unique place not only in Andorra, but also in the whole surrounding area. The closest casinos are mainly on the French side, the closest being Ax-les-Thermes 35 kilometers from the Andorran border and Font-Romeu 42 kilometers, but none can be compared in terms of entertainment and leisure offer.

Following the 80/20 formula, the space is dedicated 80% to entertainment and 20% to gaming, which divides the space into 3 major sections.

The Grand Casino

The grand casino is one of the most important areas of the establishment and has three sections. The electronic machines area is located at the entrance to entertain fans with the latest novelties on the market. On the second floor, sports fans can enjoy the Sports Bar area, where they will also find classic American dishes. On the same floor, they will also rediscover classic casino games such as roulette and Black Jack. Finally, the most exclusive customers will be able to enjoy the VIP area of the casino on the third floor.

Shows and performances

Two floors of the establishment are dedicated exclusively to live shows. In the Show Dinner area you can eat while enjoying live music, or have a cocktail in the Music Bar.

In the private Show Dinner room on the fifth floor you can enjoy the show in private and an exclusive view of the show.

Gastronomic offer

Unnic has 4 gastronomic spaces, but the most exclusive is the one on the top floor, where you can discover the gastronomic offer of chefs Nazario Cano and Francisco Teixeira. In a combination of tradition and innovation, diners can enjoy Michelin-starred dishes in a natural and organic atmosphere and, if you are looking for a place to have a romantic dinner, you can reserve a table at the Red Bar on the first floor.

Therefore, the establishment welcomes all kinds of audiences and adapts to their tastes and needs. Those looking for a drink in the center of the country at a reasonable price can enjoy the ambiance of the Sports Bar. On the other hand, more demanding customers can enjoy the tasting menu or entertain themselves in one of the VIP areas with their own machines and tables.

Unnic also establishes itself as a new nightlife proposition, as it will open its doors until 3 a.m., a little later on weekends when the more daring will be able to enjoy a gaming area with music that will also be a discotheque.

Are you coming to Unnic by car? No problem, as the establishment has three subway parking levels, one of which is reserved for VIP clients.

Therefore, it seems pertinent to say that Unnic is a great success, since on the day of its opening, the 4 restaurants were fully booked and both tourists and citizens of the principality are waiting to see what else it has to offer.

Below is the floor plan of Unnic and the layout of its different floors.


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