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TeamAxe was created in 1975 and has since become an obligatory stop for European bikers passing through the Andorran Principality. In more than 100m2, it displays a large selection of motorcycle products from the leading brands in the market at competitive prices. It offers helmets of all kinds, specific clothing for the most demanding bikers and even motorcycle accessories for all disciplines.

Moreover, TeamAxe has a very competent team of professionals, ready to answer all the customer's questions in several languages with the professionalism acquired over the years of experience in the sector. Also, because of the considerable size of the premises, they have stocks to be able to meet the immediate demand of customers who are only passing through the country. Finally, TeamAxe is known for the exhibition of its motorcycle suits signed by iconic figures of the world of motorcycling, so if you pass by the store you can't leave without having your picture taken!

Tel: +376 800 010

Av. de Santa Coloma, 77, AD500 Andorra la Vella

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