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The 7 Poets Artwork

Andorran Parliament illuminated at night

Just in front of Andorra la Vella's council, in the Lidia Armengol Square, we find the 7 poets, the work of Jaume Plensa inaugurated on January 21, 2014.

The work represents 7 poets (one for each parish) sitting on columns that go 10 meters high, this is done expressly to make people to look at the sky, incorporating it into their work.

What the work wants to represent is the community of poets spread throughout the world and the link they maintain; the fact that people with this profession are doomed to failure for the short future but yet they are a source of inspiration for people.

Art work of the seven poets in Andorra

If you take the elevator next to the square you will discover the Casa de la Vall, seat of the first Andorran parliament and the oldest in Europe. Continuing the tour, you will reach the heart of the neighborhood, one of the most traditional areas of the city with many gastronomic and cultural options, framed by narrow streets and stone houses. Here you can enjoy not only the incredible views that the Plaça del Poble can offer you, but also the different panoramic accesses that connect to the historic center without forgetting the Church of San Esteve.

Once there you can have a drink, taste some of the Andorran gastronomy in one of its restaurants or bars with atmosphere.

In addition, in March 2023 will open its doors the first and only casino in the principality located a few meters away. As additional information, you will have multiple parking areas available throughout the year.

Last but not least, during the summer season, you will find craft markets and various open-air musical events.



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